Tornadoes Swimming Club was established in 1980 to promote competitive swimming, and has been going from strength to strength ever since. We have successfully produced many National Swimmers and our swimmers compete at the highest levels in regional competitions, galas and meets.

Here at Tornadoes, we currently operate under a two squad system. These are Junior/development squad and National squad (sometimes referred to as Performance squad.)

Squads mainly differ from Teaching Groups in terms of the swimming time available to you and the expectation of slightly more commitment to the training process. It is usual for swimmers to move from their regular ‘blue’ hat forty minute session to a session that is an hour and a half. To try and make this process of moving up as painless as possible, it may be possible for the swimmer to undergo a period of transition where they still undertake their normal top improver session but pick up one Junior / Development Squad session to increase stamina. The Coaches will be able to advise you on when you are ready to move into Junior / Development squad and indeed to recommend a period of transition appropriate for you, but you should be fairly comfortable with all of the four strokes and be able to confidently swim lengths as opposed to widths. All of our squads swim lengths as opposed to widths for the vast majority of the time.