Junior/development squad training times

Mondays4:30pm - 6pm
Wednesdays5pm - 6:30pm
Thursdays4:30pm - 6pm
Fridays7pm - 8:30pm

When selecting your sessions, please note that our swimming week ALWAYS starts on a Sunday.

Junior/Development Squad is currently coached by Helen Rowe, Bill Babb and Mike Marston, working together.

Nutrition – After a long day at school you are bound to be hungry but eating within 90 minutes of swimming is not ideal. However we know you will want something to eat, so to top up your fuel reserves before training a muesli bar, banana, yoghurt or an apple is ideal to give you energy to engage in a productive and rewarding session. Did you know that bananas contain potassium which makes you more resistant to fatigue?

Flexibility – It is a desirable attribute that you arrive at least 10 minutes poolside before the session starts to commence your flexibility exercises. Poolside warm up is essential to avoid injury, which we are obviously keen to avoid.

Hydration – Please bring a 1 litre bottle of water or weak squash to sessions. Throughout the session continue to take sips during rest periods of the set. Not drinking enough (dehydration) can cause fatigue; muscle cramps & reduced physical performance. So to get the best out of your body please drink the litre of fluid and refrain from needlessly wasting it!

Kit – To facilitate your stroke development and fitness the use of kick boards, pull buoys and fins will be used during sessions. These can be purchased from Debbie & Brett Frampton in our Swim Shop or email theframptons@btinternet.com

Training – During our sessions will we be working on developing excellent technique in all four strokes as well as starts, turns and finishing skills. A multi stroke approach to training and competition will not only reduce the likelihood of injury but hopefully ensure you remain interested and that swimming continues to be fun! It is also a good idea to participate in other sports. I know many of you dance, do gymnastics, play football, rugby, cricket and run. These and other sports complement each other for you to be the best you can in physical activities.

Additional Requirements

  • Please use the toilet before training and inform your lane coach/coach if you need to leave the pool during training. However, please ensure this doesn’t become an excuse.
  • Always swim to the wall on completion of a set and practice turns as instructed.
  • Do not stop in the lane, you may get injured, or cause injury to other lane swimmers.
  • Do not pull on lane ropes this is totally unacceptable or sit on the lane ropes as this may injure other swimmers and damage the ropes.
  • Please keep your head above the water with your feet on the shallow end pool floor, similarly whilst in deep end you must remain on the surface and listen at all times to your lane coach/coach.
  • It is great to see you have formed great friendships with fellow swimmers but can we please ask you that whilst in the changing rooms you simply get showered and changed and do not mess around. Bad behaviour in the changing rooms or within the Centre will not be tolerated. We should respect each other, and each, others property.


In 2016/17 Tornadoes will be entering the Dorset Novice League and Southern Junior League. League galas are a series of three, one per month for three consecutive months. Novice League is normally Jan/Feb/March and Southern Junior League April /May/June. The Club sometimes hold specific training for selected SJL swimmers. You may be selected, if you are then you are expected to swim for your Club. If the gala is outside of Dorset, then the Club will provide a subsidised coach for transport. Club hats and t-shirts are required to be worn when representing the club. Don’t have them? They can be ordered through our swim shop. If you are selected for the teams we will notify you by email and through posting on the noticeboard.

If you achieve Dorset County Championships time (s), or County Development time (s) then the Club expects you to enter and swim. Qualifying times and consideration times can be found laminated on the noticeboard or through the Dorset ASA website. Invitation packs will be issued for both events. You can consider yourself a really good swimmer if you achieve a County time but on from this is the Regional competition and then the Nationals …so keep training! The County competition and County Development competition are held at the Littledown centre in Bournemouth. You will have to make your own way to Littledown. There may be a requirement for you to provide a volunteer helper in order to be able to enter on certain days but your entry pack will contain more information about this. From the 2016 season, you must be 10 years of age to swim at a County competition.

We will also be encouraging your entries into Open Meets. Please see the noticeboard for information & entry packs. You have to enter yourself with our help. If you do not fill the form in, you will not swim so if you want to enter a competition, you have to be a little bit proactive!

Open meets are other approved and licensed ASA competitions, usually organised by a swimming Club. An example might be the Tiverton Sparkler but there are lots out there. There is a fee charged per swim that you enter and meets are classified as a Level 1, 2 or 3. Level one meets have the fastest entry times and are usually only for County level or faster swimmers. Some are Long Course. This means they are swum in a 50m pool. Our nearest 50m pool is at Millfield. If you see LC , this means Long course. SC means short course, e.g a 25m pool. Regional and National competitions are always swum Long Course.

Entry in to competitions will always require you to know your times, otherwise known as your p.b’s ( personal bests). Tornadoes should always be able to find these for you but check out the ASA rankings page and ask your mum or dad to keep a list / record of your pb’s as you achieve them. After every gala that you swim in for Tornadoes, a list of all the personal best times achieved will be put up on the noticeboard.

Finally, your development in swimming can only be achieved by working with the coach (s) and support by your parents. To achieve great results, be it your individual goals or in team events takes hours and hours of practice so don’t waste it! Have fun whilst doing all this training, but keep in-mind that results come from dedicated hard training and a resolve to be best you can be!

Your progress up through the Clubs Squads to Performance Squad is continually accessed by the Lead Coach. The Lead Coach will invite you into Performance Squad after discussions with the Junior Lead Coach, and your parents. At the end of the day to be in Performance Squad, you must be able to demonstrate technique, dedication in training, competition and the willingness to initially train 3 x 2hour sessions per week leading to 6 x 2hour sessions per week that is the challenge!!!

It is crucial that you and your parents keep an eye on the notice board. Please just check it for new notices at the start of each session.

If you or your parents have any questions at all, please just speak to your squad Coach or come along to one of the Committee Open meetings (see noticeboard for dates / times.)